Psychotherapy Workshop
Wellness | Mental

Psychotherapy Workshop

Estimated Cost

HK$ 3,500

Elevate emotional well-being through our 60-minute Psychotherapy Workshop, focusing on group therapy for the workplace. Our skilled therapists lead participants through powerful therapeutic techniques, empowering them to navigate challenges, enhance resilience, and cultivate a harmonious work-life balance.

HK$ | Cost Per Class


HK$ | Cost Per Location


Size | Per Class
6 - 12

No. of Class

No. of Office Location

Customer Ratings

63 ratings

What Our Client Says

“The arrangement is smooth and service has been well delivered, it is a pleasure to work with your team.”

Human Resources Manager – Major Land Developer in Hong Kong

“Thanks for your kind arranging and sharing of the survey report. It’s valuable information for our records. I am looking forward to having another wellness program with you soon.”

Senior Manager, HR & Administration – British-Based Healthcare Brand

“Our team loved the massage experience, thank you for your professional team. Can’t wait for our upcoming massage day!”

Assistant Manager, Human Resources – HK-Based Fitness Brand

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HK$ 500+

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