Wellness Program

Our seamless process helps you organize activity-based wellness program within budget

Our Holistic Wellness Approach

Successful wellness program starts with baselining and delivers by actions.

HR Plus Wellness Program is designed by scientific approach where we baseline your employee wellness status by surveys and deliver the wellness programs your employee desires.

Through setting up proper milestones, you can track your progress and measure the ROI of your investment.

Every dollar invested in wellness program
can create a 9X return
lower sick leave absenteeism
lower sick leave absenteeism
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Workout Trainers at your office

Top trainers from Hong Kong deliver exclusive training for all fitness levels. Available at your office.

Fitness for Everyone From HIIT To Yoga

Schedule on-demand classes based on specialty, lifestyle, length, and more. Whatever your goal is, we got your back!

Mind Over Matter Wellness Beyond Fitness

Design holistic wellness program with meditation and mindfulness series, and nutrition recipe consulting.

Wellness Success you can measure

Leverage survey to understand your wellness baseline.Set up milestones to celebrate your success and track the ROI.

Stay Fit & Active at Work

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