Stay Interview

Learning what motivates your employee and ultimately convince them to stay

52% employees say employers can do more to prevent turnover

Compared to Exit Interviews, Stay Interviews is a proactive approach to provide qualitative insights to improve retention by listening to employee’s motivation at work. These insights can highlight specific scenarios and to prevent employee turnover.


  • Learning the pull factors employee to stay
  • Cater performing employee
  • By Direct Manager , HR
  • “what is going right?"
  • Informal
  • Proactive


  • Learning the pull factors employee to stay
  • Cater exit employee
  • By HR
  • “what is going wrong?"
  • Formal
  • Reactive
Employees who receive stay interviews will
Intent to stay longer
Reduction in turnover

Our Stay Interview Solution Best Practices

Conduct survey

To identify at-risk employee segments

Schedule Interview

To know intent to stay of targeted talent groups

Executive report

To understand what actions to be taken to prevent turnover

Leadership Workshop

To implement your retention strategies
Give your employees a personal touch

Compared to engagement surveys, stay Interviews are 1-on-1 section to listen to your people's feedback. Enabling you to build trust and deep dive into your employees' reasons to stay in your organization.

Knowing what matters to who matters

nviting employees-at-risk to uncover what motivates them at work and gather qualitative data on how they feel about their roles and what you can do to make their work-life better.

Reveal action points that drives retention

Ask the right questions and uncover specific action points you can do to support employees work-life and ultimately reduce turnover.

You don’t have to do it alone

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