Employee Recognition

Put your recognition programme on Autopilot with peer-to-peer recognition

Build a Culture Where People can Flourish

HORUS employee engagement platform enriches your company recognition culture by rewarding your employees for their exceptional work.

Why do I need an Employee Recognition Platform?

Increase Employee Retention

One of the top 5 reasons for employee turnover is a lack of recognition. Increase employee loyalty by recognizing hard work - anytime, anywhere.

Boost Employee Morale

Happy employees are engaged, energized and productive. A recognition platform helps maintain high morale throughout the entire year.

Reinforce Company Core Values

Simply knowing the core values isn't enough. A recognition platform allows you to make bring these values to life everyday when your people come to work.

Connect Remote Teams to Culture

Team members working remotely feel distanced from the rest of the company and its culture. Peer recognition ties remote workers to each other & you organization.

Recognition is Essential to Employee Success

Rich Recognition Cultures are the catalysts for long-term retention and high employee engagement

More likely to
feel promotion is fair
High Performers will stay
when they are well recognized
More likely to
promote your Employer Brand

Send Recognitions

Turn your Employees into Culture Builders!

Make recognition more impactful by connecting it to your company’s core values and giving visibility to everyone’s contributions.

Annoymous Feedback

Listen to your People's Thoughts

Invite employees to share authentic feedback by generating trust and psychological safety through confidential dialogue.


Identify Employee Influencers

Evaluate recognition trends in your organization and learn where team members excel with detailed analytics and reporting.

Celebrate for Everyone

Set Everyone's Anniversary Celebration on Autopilot

Automate recognition so you never miss an employee's birthday or work anniversary. HORUS automatically celebrate these events based on the employee's birth date and company start date.

Find out how Horus can create
a Recognition-rich Culture
at your company!

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