Workplace Massage

Transform Your Office into a Relaxation Oasis
Revitalize Your Exhausted Employees to Max Productivity in just 15 Minutes

We know that a healthy workforce is key to achieving your company's goals.
But sometimes, even the most dedicated employees can experience burnout, which can take a toll on their performance.

That's why we offer a 15-minute massage service to help your employees feel refreshed and ready to work.

Get Your Team Excited for a Relaxing Experience

Before the event, we work with you to plan the logistics of the massage therapy sessions. We provide internal promotion materials to ensure that all employees are aware of the upcoming event.

Let Our Therapists Help You Unwind and De-stress

Our network of experienced massage therapists in Hong Kong includes both relaxation massage and chinese massage specialists. Each session is 15-20 minutes long, providing a quick but effective break for employees to release tension and recharge!

Seamless Setup for a Stress-Free Event

We work with you to set up the massage therapy stations in a convenient location. Our therapists arrive on time, and we manage all aspects of the event to ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience for everyone.

Extend the Benefits By Social Media

Our team will work closely with you to create compelling content on Linkedin and Instagram, builds your employer brand, and ultimately boost talent attention.

Relaxation Massage<br>HKD 380/45 mins
Relaxation Massage
HKD 380/45 mins
Full Day Package<br>HKD 3500/8hrs
Full Day Package
HKD 3500/8hrs
Chinese Massage<br>HKD 380/45 mins
Chinese Massage
HKD 380/45 mins
Treat your employees to
a well-deserved break

Volume purchase will enjoy extra discount
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