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Small Reward, Exceptional Results
The stunning outcomes of spending 1% payroll on Employee Rewards
Notice a positive impact
on engagement
Are more loyal
toward their employer
More likely to
take less sick leaves
High performers are
more likely to stay

Foster a Culture of Reward for Excellence

HR Plus Reward Platform leverages our expertise in People Science & Cutting-Edge Technologies to assure high performers are receiving frequent and meaningful rewards.

Forging a culture of Reward for Excellence that drives employee engagement and performance from front-line to leadership.

Digitize your Reward Programme

HR Plus understands every organisation has unique goals and propositions on its reward programme. Our reward platform offers a highly customized solution to integrate your existing rewards and streamlines it in a bespoke manner with modern digital workflow.

Admin-free Reward Management

Managing a Reward Program can be a time consuming task with a lot of tedious procedures. HR Plus Merchant Services team provides a one-stop solution from Merchant partnership to everyday operations, such as inventory management, invoice handling and reporting. Ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of having a reward programme without extra workload!

Free Access to our Reward Marketplace

Not sure what types of rewards you should select for your employees? HR Plus is partnering with global and local merchants to provide an extensive range and popular reward categories for your people. Simply select the offerings you want enabled and we will handle the rest for you.

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