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Our “3T”Approaches

Talent Strategy Advisory
Drive organisation success with modern talent management apporach.
Transformation Management
Translate employee key organisational behaviors into actionable insights
Talent Data Analytics
Translate employee key organisational behaviors into actionable insights.

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Define a right Talent Management Approach

A Tailored Design for your Organisation Success

HR Plus leverage modern talent management design approach, from workshop to 1-on-1 stakeholder meeting, to map out and design a tailored talent management solution that fits your organisational context , offering your leadership the critical insights that contribute your organization success.

Best-in-class Talent
Transformation Management

Shaping Desirable Workforce Behavior

HR Plus adopts agile & pratical apporach to design change management projects. From Survey Design to Leader Enablement Workshops, we leverage the winning practices of best-in-class organizations and deliver desirable outcomes that meets your organisation goals.

Optimize Employee Experience with
Quality Data

Translate Employee Feedback into Action Points

Leveraging our strengths in survey practices and recognition programme, we captures employee thinking in multiple touch points of the employee lifecycle, and translate the feedback into action-oriented workflow to create optimal workforce that achieves desirable organisation outcomes.

Our HR Consulting Service Offering

Talent Strategy Advisory

Talent Review & EVP Mapping 

Employee Value Proposition is a crucial metric to both map out high performance factors in your organisation and build an attractive employer brand. Our surveys map out your EVP that represent the best of your organisation, also the persona of your high performing employees. 

Succession planning

This is an universal consensus that building internal talent pipeline is crucial for a healthy business to grow. Our consultants help to implement talent management best practice to identify star talents with the right skills to the key roles in your organisation and close the skill gap through proper development programme to get them ready at the right time. 

Core Competency Modelling

HR Plus leverage comprehensive means, from workshop to 1-on-1 stakeholder meeting, to map out and define your employee core competency, offering your leadership the critical insights that contribute your organization success.

Transformation Management

Modern Survey Design 

Our surveys built on modern psychology and survey best practices to ensure the results are behavioral driven and statistically validated. 

In addition, our Design Workshop walk you through findings on past survey data  and provide actionable insights that links to your organizational goals. 

Leader Enablement workshops 

While data can give you the direction of your next step, Leaders are the key agencies to implement the necessary changes.

HR Plus workshops help leaders build buy-in, identify key challenges and benefit, and understand their know-how to achieve their respective team goals through our analytics-driven insights. 

Employee Focus Groups 

Quantitative survey may provide insights of the correlation of an organisational phenomena, but not necessary the root cause of the issue. Our Focus Group team can act as a third party to understand your employees’ honest needs and feedback at a small group. 

Leadership Psychological Assessment

Organizations pay a high price for ineffective leadership and dysfunctional teams. Our leadership assessment tests leverage modern psychology to map out your leadership traits to mitigate employee risk. 

Talent Data Analytics

Executive Reports

Searching  for critical insights in the ocean of data could be painful and time-consuming. HR Plus analytics team helps you to deliver insights and recommendations to your executives through a variety of standard and customized presentation formats. 

Industry reports & benchmarks

Looking for a more informed policy decision? HR Plus benchmark reports enable executives to draw industry-specific and cross-industry performance comparisons in Employee Engagement. 

Select benchmark reports also include infographics and case studies. Data can be segmented to provide granular benchmarks across multiple levels, including: industry, organizational size, generation, department and etc .

Engagement X KPI Analytics 

Having trouble to justify ROI of our product in your organization? 

HR plus consulting team offers analytics services to identify the relevant statistical relationship between engagement scores and financial outcomes. Informing you the needed justification in how employee engagement drives financial benefits for you. 

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