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HR Plus Privacy Policy describes
how we will collect, use and share your personal data.

Your Privacy Protection

Along with this Privacy Policy, we provide data and privacy information which will be embedded across our agreements, products and services.

At HR Plus Limited (HR Plus), your personal data protection is imperative to us. Our commitment is to protecting the confidentiality, privacy and security of any personal data we hold by strictly complying with the Hong Kong SAR Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance - Cap.486 (the "Ordinance") and, where applicable, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU 2016/679, the “GDPR”) giving consideration to any personal data we manage. Our commitment extends to any employees, suppliers, vendors, customers, relevant stakeholders to our business, corporate entities or third parties that we work with or for to adhere to these obligations.

Our goal is always to protect the fundamental privacy rights that come with handling privacy data.
Your Privacy Rights with HR Plus

At all times, we respect that you have the right to make changes, access, have the knowledge of, deletion of or transfer of your personal data. There are situations where we may not be able to delete your data, as an example, where you ask us to delete your data, where it is required by law if it is by any way of EU or HK regulation applicable by law, we may decline your request for deletion during these situations. Other reasons may include extreme impracticality or if it has the potential to impact the privacy of others.

Personal Data our services may collect about you
  1. Account Information
    Your Horus ID, HR Plus related account details, inclusive of email address, age, account status

  2. Contact Information
    Your name, physical address, contact number(s), any contact information

  3. Payment Information
    Data relating to your billing address and method of payment, such as bank details, credit, debit, or other payment card information

  4. Employment Information
    Any information we receive about you from your CV, Cover Letters (inclusive of Headings and Footers), Employer History, Work Rights Status, Medical Tests, any workplace information or incidents/accident in which you may be/have been involved, any information relating to any form of investigation against you, any disciplinary matters, criminal related matters, performance appraisals, any tests or assessment results whether medical or professional, insurance policy claims against you, availability for work, whereabouts, credit checks or any government required background checks and any information considered reasonable by market standards in recruitment.

    The times we may communicate with you, when you provide us reviews, opinions or any form of feedback if you are a potential candidate or are candidates of HR Plus.Most participants on our engagement platform, through our employer/career services, consulting arm, employer branding solution will be required to share personal data to some extent.This will include and is not exhaustive with relation to the surveys you complete or any form we request you to complete as part of the recruitment process. Personal data about you may also be collected during the course of phone calls, or any e-communication, through post or any means of communication in general. This could come through either parties’ initiative.
Protection of Personal Data at HR Plus

The information we collect about you, your employees or any person engaging with HR Plus Services is to make your product experience hassle free and as safe as possible. Your data is important and we respect that. 

We also maintain our internal and technical measures to ensure your personal data is protected against any foreseeable unlawful or unauthorized processing which may cover alteration, damages, disclosures or access (accidental or not). 

Personal Data HR Plus Receives from Other Sources

Personal Data HR Plus Receives from Other Sources

We may at any time during the variety of business agreements that we engage in or employees we engage with covering any stakeholder such as clients, agents, business partners, third parties or website users collect your personal data for the sole purpose of the service we are providing to you in the course of your engagement with us. 

The kinds of information we may collect include but are not exclusive to your name, skills, qualifications, certifications, accreditations, personal references, employment history or any personal data which may be covered and be considered reasonably acceptable as personal data according to market standards of HR Companies.

If we are collecting information for referees, we will collect personal data relating to you when a potential candidate presents us with your contact details and have consented. 

The purpose for which we collect your personal data almost always be covered in the course of dealing or engaging with you.

We may collect personal data if:

  • Your organization has signed up to the Horus Engagement Platform, your organization will also deem to indirectly agree to our privacy policy when they sign themselves as a client to us for recruitment purposes.
  • There may also be instances where you submit a report or problem to our website or service platform either when you make an enquiry, review or comment of any sort which will give us your personal data
  • HR Plus may also collect data from time to time from external sources such as public records or third parties

We understand that you have complete ownership over your personal data and sharing this with us is purely voluntary. Our purpose is to provide you with the best possible services, opportunities for potential employment and an efficient process that is time and cost efficient. 

We therefore would like to let you know that although you have complete control over what personal data we can process and use, without certain data (this could vary person by person), it may be challenging for us to execute our services to the fullest extent and may not comply with some of our requirements within this or other policies resulting in the possibility that you may not be able to use certain parts of our services or tool on our website or platforms that require the collection or use of personal data. 

Visiting our website

Our website can be visited anytime without the need for you to disclose any personal data unless this is done by you because of any reason of engaging with the website or to engage with us.

By visiting the HR Plus website, the anonymous information that we record and data we collect usually has to do with frequency of website visits, IP/server addresses, date or time that you visit our website, pages viewed, view count for relevant pages or downloads. All of this information will not be correlated to a specific individual and is only used by us for the purpose of administering our website, using data analytics to improve the website and our offerings, logging of errors and any statistical models we may need to implement to solve website issues. We make no active effort to identify any individual who visits our website or browse our page and only focuses on using this data to improve our platform and understand where our visitors benefit or not most.

The only time we may collect personal data from our website would be through you voluntarily sharing your personal data with us to access our services, get in touch with us, get a quote, or make any direct communication with us as a visitor, client or participant of any kind.

You may only view our advertisements with third parties we have strictly authorized, we hold no responsibility for phishing websites created and set-up to represent us in any way unless we have authorized to work with them as a third-party. Please make sure to abide by our authorized third-party websites’ respective privacy and data protection sections or anything that may be relevant. Any information that we receive from our authorized third-party websites about you (personal or not) will automatically be deemed to be accepting of this privacy policy clause where you have all the rights and freedom to communicate with us any information you would like to be withheld or deleted or added. Please note that we may not be able to offer you services that may require certain personal data if you deny us access to it.

Security and Usage of Personal Data

HR Plus uses personal data to drive our services, to process transactions, communicate with you, for security, onboarding and fraud prevention to comply with KYC and relevant laws. We may also use encrypted personal data for other purposes with your consent.

  • We will always reach out or communicate with you if it relates to any form of personal account with us. There will be instances from time to time where we communicate important notices relating to any updates on our website and policies
  • Personal data is used to drive and improve our services but your personal information such as (Name, Personal Address, Phone number etc) will always be encrypted
  • Random identifier generator replacing all personal data relating to you but hold your record of data relating to the usage of our services only
  • Personal data may also be used for direct marketing, market research purposes, updates to our blog, events, promotions or invitations. 
  • We may use your personal data in instances where we need to comply with the applicable relevant law.
Third Party Websites

We may not be responsible for your personal data on any websites purporting to act as us or where we have links or advertisements outside HR Plus on other platforms. We suggest you adhere to their privacy policies as we do not have any control over them and do not take any responsibility for any collection of your personal data by these third parties.

Purpose and Manner of Data Collection

The Data Protection Principles (DPP1) is a Schedule of the PDPO that we strictly adhere to. provides that personal data shall only be collected for a lawful purpose directly related to a function or activity of the data user. The data collected should be necessary and adequate but not excessive for such purposes. The means of collection should be lawful and fair.

The principles we adhere to are:

  • Accuracy and Duration of Retention of Data
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Access and Correction

If we collect personal data from data subjects directly, we shall inform the data subjects whether it is obligatory or voluntary to supply the data, the purpose of using your data and the classes of persons to whom your data may be transferred. As mentioned above, the purposes of collecting your data will be relating to the services HR Plus provides or recruitment, HR consulting, or any HR related activities the client (your employer) engages us with.

As the DPP requires us to take practicable steps to ensure that personal data we use is accurate and not kept longer than necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose of the reason we are collecting your personal data, we will adhere to this principle wherever possible. However, your personal data may be used to collect industry insights or market trends so that we can better understand and complete market analysis in a professional manner to produce reports or better service our clients and you. 

Any personal information used by us will be notified to you at the time of using our services, tools or website.

Internet and Technology

HR Plus’ website, online services (Horus System) or advertisements may make the use of cookies or other technologies such as web beacons or google analytics which help us gain a better understanding of security or for the prevention of fraud. This tells us the parts of our website that people visit and also helps us conduct analysis measures for effectiveness of advertisements and any web searches.

You will always have the right to disable cookies through your browser of choice or check with your browser of choice to find out how to disable cookies. However, certain aspects of our website may not be accessible/available if all cookies are disabled.

Our commitment to your Privacy:

It is our commitment and an everyday effort that we educate every employee at HR Plus to strictly comply with the guidelines and privacy/security policy relating to data and make sure we enforce this within our company


You can contact our team at Security& or get in touch with us through our website if you have any enquiries relating to privacy or personal data. We will endeavor to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our commitment to your Privacy

It is our commitment and an everyday effort that we educate every employee at HR Plus to strictly comply with the guidelines and privacy/security policy relating to data and make sure we enforce this within our company.


You can contact our team at if you have any enquiries relating to privacy or personal data. We will endeavour to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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