Employer Branding

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Employer Branding

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Your People is the best Employer Brand Promoter

Uncover your
hiring differentiators

Bring out the best of you
through your people’s voice

Convert people into
your brand advocate

Perception is Reality

62% of candidates first seek out the company's sites and social media to learn more about an employer

Half your Hiring Cost with a promising Employer Brand

Lower cost-per-hire
More qualified candidates
Faster Time-to-hire

Mapping Your EVP

Tell your Story with Authentic Data

Our engagement survey maps out your EVP that represent the best of your organisation. Allowing you to build an authentic employer brand through people statistics.

Compose a unique Journey for your Employer Brand

A solid employer brand is built on a strategy that takes your culture, vision, purpose and creates a compelling and unique journey of your brand. 

Our Creative Solutions

From design to deliver

How you tell your story is as important as the story itself. We offer turn-key creative services to develop the ideas that encompass your voice. 

Through our visuals and copy, we craft a delightful and engaging presentation to your audience hat is authentic to your DNA. 

Visualize your Brand Story more than Words

With videos representing 74% of all online traffic, video content really does rule the internet waves. 

Employer brand videos are a powerful presentation to engage potential applicants and communicate your company’s story in a way that words and images simply cannot.

Recruitment Marketing

Transform your People into Brand Ambassador

Our reward programme establishes an organic and self-sustainable way to incentivize your people to promote your brand.

We identify brand ambassadors within your organization, activate them on social media and share their happiness at work. 

Every Applicants matters

As the applicants to hire ratio is 30:1, it is equally important to treat everyone with the best experience in the process.

Our consulting team organizes training workshops for your recruitment team and leadership on the best practices to maximize candidate experiences for each and every candidates. 

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