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The Formula to a Successful Organization lies within your People.
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Your People Analytics at a Glance

Transform people insights and enable confident leadership decisions.
Align your business outcomes with people expectations

The key to understanding is knowing where to look

With Horus you will:

Identify how to motivate your people for optimum performance

Take preemptive action to minimize disengaged employee

Build a rewarding culture for performers to stay

Why Employee Engagement Matters?

Highly engaged employees will contribute :

Higher Profitability
More Productivity

Employee Motive Ranks

Motivate your People Right. From Zero to Hero

Our Motive survey assesses how each and every individuals are motivated by different factors at work. All your employees can be high performers when you motivate them in the right way.

Employee Loyalty Dashboard

Know What Matters,When it Matters

Gain real-time perspectives while the survey is live, and share final results as soon as it completes. Role-Based dashboards for leadership reveal insights most relevant to their teams’ health and performance.

Engagement Heat Map

Identify Employee Risk at a Glance

Identify opportunities and vulnerabilities in real-time. Engagement, performance and retention risks can be mediated before they become a crisis.

Effective HR Solution Starts at
Knowing Where to Look.
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